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Cancelation Policy

We understand that things happen, and plans may change. If you can't come to your registered retreat, let us know 30 days in advance. If you inform us by the 30-day mark, you may choose from any of the following options:

  1. Transfer your paid balance to another retreat that is scheduled within one year of the cancelled retreat. The crop fee will be determined by the new retreat amount.    (Example: If the original retreat had a discount applied to the amount, but the new retreat does not, then you will owe the difference.)

  2. Request for a refund of your paid balance minus the non-refundable deposit. 

Note: You must inform us on which option above you would like to choose when you cancel and you must contact us through our contact form here. You may only transfer a retreat's balance one time.

(Example: You cannot keep transferring the same balance from retreat to retreat if you keep cancelling)

If you cancel after the 30 day window, then you are not qualified for any of the cancellation options above. 

Accommodations Policy

Seating preferences are considered but are not guaranteed. Please note that listing a "group" and not a specific person will not guarantee that you sit next to a specific person if they are not listed as a table mate on your registration. You MUST list the table mate for us to know who you want to sit next to. These preferences are not promised. Seating charts are made at the time of final payment and changes are not accepted after. 


We bring in hundreds of reservations at a time, so please be mindful to be specific as to who you would like to sit next to. 

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